Ever since I learned about Rent The Runway (RTR), it has been my go-to place for dresses for special occasions (weddings, graduations, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, etc.)  I absolutely love the convenience.  The fact that I don’t have to spend hours at the mall or trying to buy online without trying on is made simple by their “free backup size” option.  Also, a greatly appreciated benefit is if you receive your order and none of the dresses fit for some reason, you can contact RTR same-day and return everything and have it replaced quickly.

If you aren’t familiar with RTR, here are the basics… RTR is as they say on their website, “…a fashion business with a technology soul.”  They have a variety of options to suit your needs; everything from wedding & formal event attire to daytime and weekend pieces.  Their site is VERY simple and EASY to use; honestly its easier for me to navigate RTR website than some well known online retailers!  With RTR you are able to sort in many different ways: by occasion, you can filter your search down to a particular size or set of sizes, as well as color, weather, and even designer if your looking for someone specific.  Depending on what type of clothing you are looking for they even go as far as allowing you to filter by length, sleeve type, body type, embellishments, neckline, even age range!

Below are some examples of pieces I have rented recently:

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I had gone through a period where I did not have many events to go to, and so I fell away from using RTR.  However, when I needed to start using them again I found that they had changed in SO MANY great ways!  Not only have they expanded their availability-to-rent from dresses and some accessories they now having a full range of pieces (tops, pants, coats, bags…) they also have a new UNLIMITED option, which allows you to rent up to 4 pieces per month for only $159!  You may think that cost seems a bit high, but when you look at the retail cost of the pieces and simply the cost of renting them individually, you’ll see how much of a savings this is.  It also doesn’t hurt to not have to have pieces sitting in your closet that you only wear occasionally. Additionally, Unlimited is just that, you can rent the pieces are as long or little as you want, continue to exchange them, keeping 4 pieces on hand for one monthly cost.

With the changes my body has gone through over the last few years after having one baby, then trying to get back into pre-baby shape, to then having baby #2, and now working on getting that pre-baby body back yet again; it’s been very difficult to keep a descent wardrobe.  Thankfully RTR now has Unlimited, which has really come to the rescue when it comes to my wallet!  Since I am working on losing weight and toning up, I continue to be in between sizes, and therefore I don’t want to continue buy clothing in one size, just to find out a month later it’s too large and I need to buy in a smaller size – RTR has taken that frustration out of my everyday life, which I am so grateful for!

One of the pieces I have rented for a solid 3 months now is the Tory Burch Gemini Link Leather Tote in black.  It retails for nearly $600!  I don’t have that kind of money burning a hole in my pocket… but I must say with RTR Unlimited “Buy Now” option – I could walk away with this for 50% retail price.  Since it’s been a staple for me as of late, I am considering putting it on my gift ideas want list!  It’s been such a great bag, tons of room and storage pockets…this is literally the only bag I haven’t lost something in, which is saying something.  It’s great to hold my everyday essentials like wallet, cell phone, hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunglasses…but it holds so much more on the weekend, including hand and face wipes for the kiddos, snacks, chargers, iPad, bottles (plural) of water, etc.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea!

If you are looking to give Rent The Runway Unlimited a try, go to their site now for a Spring/Summer Refresh to your wardrobe and use code: FIRSTRTR to try Unlimited for only $99!  You can also pause or cancel ANYTIME, so really, nothing to lose, and everything to gain…including space in your closet, because be honest, we all keep way too much in there hoping we will wear it again one day (no? is that just me?)

                                                                              xox, Marie

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