As a child I went to Colonial Williamsburg quite a few times, some of those times being over Easter.  Those who have not visited Colonial Williamsburg may be confused as to why a child might have interest in going here.  For me it came down to one word, Felicity.  When I was a kid American Girl (by then, Pleasant Company) were HUGELY popular.  I was lucky enough to receive Felicity from my family for Christmas one year.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this doll, her backstory is that she grows up in Colonial Williamsburg.  So it was obviously very existing as a young girl to be able to visit the place that my doll grew up!  Also at the time there was a great program happening in Williamsburg corresponding with the doll.  You were able to take your doll for a tour of the town, have tea, learn to dance and also have fun outside racing down the greens using the wooden hoop and stick.  Yeah, it’s not for everyone, especially in this day and age of technology being everything, but I loved it!

     Felicity Merriman – American Girl 1774

I loved my times at Colonial Williamsburg so much that I even now I return every few years to share this amazing place with my hubby and now our kids.

After Sophia was born we had decided we would do Easter at our house instead of splitting up the day between both sides of our family.  However, in 2017 we decided to do something different.  We already have Thanksgiving and Christmas day at our house with family, so we decided Easter would be the perfect holiday to spend an extended weekend away as a family just the 3 (now 4) of us.

Colonial Williamsburg is just a few hours away, and the actual town is completely shut off to automotive traffic, so it was the ideal place for us to take Sophia (then 1.5 years old).  We packed up the SUV and hit the road.  Sophia loves car rides, and had a blast looking out the window on our drive.  As to be expected, coming from PA, we ran into some time consuming traffic on the way down to VA, but luckily we were prepared with snacks and drinks and plenty of activities for Sophia to do while we sat idle in traffic for over an hour.

 Upon arriving we checked into our hotel, The Williamsburg Lodge, and then set out to find somewhere to eat dinner.  The colonial town is just across the street from our hotel, which was ideal when traveling with a toddler!

                                                              The Williamsburg Lodge

Sophia was in her “run everywhere” phase of toddlerhood and so she absolutely loved running around the town greens in front of the Governor’s Palace, next to the court house and other areas of the colonial tow

Like other times we had visited, we made reservations for lunches & dinners prior to our trip because trying to get in around lunch or dinner time by just walking up to a location would mean an extremely long wait time, which with a toddler, was not going to happen.  I highly suggest making reservations as soon as you book your hotel or as soon as you know the dates you will be staying.

                                                                  King’s Arms Tavern

As the overly prepared mama that I am, prior to our trip I checked out local Easter egg hunts.  We would one at a large local park.  The day before Easter we got up early, went out to the park, Sophia played on the jungle gym and swings until the event started, then she went to visit the Easter Bunny before heading over to the hunt for her age group.  The Easter Bunny was a HUGE hit! While I unfortunately didn’t get any good photos of her with him, she absolutely loved him.  She was probably the only kid her age that just ran up to him and said hi.  She unfortunately was that age were she doesn’t look very long for photos and so only ones I had gotten her looking down at the ground as she was about to get off his lap.  She thought the egg hunt was funny, took a few eggs and said “mommy we leave eggs for other kids” then walked over to Kyle who was waiting for us on the other end of the field.  Such a cutie, always thinking of others 🙂

Colonial Williamsburg has such beautiful gardens that we felt it was a great opportunity to take photos to announce that baby #2 was due in October!  So that morning we woke up and went out into the town to find the perfect area for the photo.  We took quite a few at various locations, but then settles on the photo in front of the Governor’s Palace because it was one of the only sets of photos that Sophia was actually looking at the camera!  Later that morning we attended the Easter brunch that is held at The Williamsburg Lodge (separate ticket required).  They had an amazing fare of breakfast/brunch foods as well as a huge selection of desserts in the middle of the room.

We had hoped to be able to take a carriage ride with Sophia that afternoon but unfortunately the carriage that we booked broke and all other carriages were completed booked so we were refunded the money but were not able to take a ride this trip because of leaving early the next day.  It is something we plan to do on our next visit!

                                                                                        xox, Marie

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