Well hello there… it’s been awhile…roughly 9 months to be exact!  I never realized just how much time would be taken up being pregnant, chasing a toddler and having a full time job!

So much has happened since I last posted, lets try to get you up to speed.

In April we went to Colonial Williamsburg (Virginia) for Easter.  It was the first time that Sophia met the Easter Bunny and it was the first Easter egg hunt she was involved in.  She had an absolute blast!  I have to admit that we were a bit concerned how the interaction with the Easter bunny would go, especially after kids more than twice her age (she was 1 at the time) were completely freaking out.  Turns out we were lucky and the Easter Bunny was a HUGE hit.  She absolutely loved meeting him!  Oddly enough I never got a good photo because the line was so long and she was looking all over the place.  She did however run back up to him after she walked away, just to say bye to him.

 Since things went over so well with the Easter bunny, we had the decision in May to book a last only-child vacation for Sophia, to DISNEY WORLD!  We originally wanted to wait until both kids were at least kindergarten aged, however since Sophia did so great at Easter and constantly talked about “I see bunny again”, we thought it was the perfect time for her to meet the characters at Disney World.  We also thought it was a great way to let Sophia be the center of attention as it would be her last vacation as an only child.

We also had Sophia announce that we were expecting a new addition to the family during our Easter trip!

 In July Sophia turned 2!  She had a Sesame Street themed party.  I’ll be creating a separate post on that shortly so you can see all the adorable touches that just made the party that much more special!

So it was in August we went to Disney World.  We have been to WDW quite a few times, usually going in May or September when the weather is much kinder, so it was a bit of an adjustment to get used to the August heat in Florida.  We however didn’t want to cut it close by going in September (I would have been 8 months pregnant then!).  We were lucky however because Sophia still takes naps so a nice chunk of time in the afternoon was spent back at our hotel room, away from the peak heat of the day.  I’ll do a separate post on our Walt Disney World trip and all of the amazingness that happened.

Pregnancy #2 came and went quickly.  Baby boy was due October 22, 2017 but due to some complications I had (HELLP syndrome) he has to be delivered a couple of weeks early.  Oliver Thomas was born October 11, 2017.  Happy and healthy, weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and 21.75 inches long.  He looked exactly like his sister when he was born, and that trend has continued into his second month.  The only truly distinguishable difference is that he has the cutest little dimples which Sophia did not have dimples, and Sophia had quite a few hemangioma marks, where as Oliver had none.

In November I started a new skincare regimen I had been wanting to try ever since I got pregnant.  I loved the results I was seeing after week one, I decided to take the leap and actually start my own business sharing these products with everyone I know.  It was by far the best decision I have made when it comes to my career.  I will have a separate post on this as well because it is really exciting stuff!!

That brings us to today… the holidays have passed as well as the New Year, and I am just a few weeks away from starting back at my 9-5 job.  While I have loved the fact that I will in the end have had just around 20 weeks of maternity leave, it will be nice to be able to get out of the house more and feel a bit more productive.  These days I feel productive if I just get a shower and manage to eat one full meal haha..

Hope you all had a great holiday & happy new year!

                                                  xox, Marie

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