It’s been an extremely busy last few weeks at work, hence I have been keeping y’all updated with photos on IG instead of blogging.  Now that my business trip ended last Friday, I finally have some time to sit down and tell you about the trip.  Each year the company I work for does a business trip somewhere for a portion of the U.S. business.  I am lucky enough to be one of the group that is now invited.  This year’s conference was in Brooklyn.  While it was not as far away (or warm) as past sites, it was still really exciting!

The one thing I love about being able to attend this conference each year is the ability to hear about all parts of the business and what the plans are for each brand in the upcoming years.  It really sets a great tone for the rest of the year and gets everyone excited for what’s to come!

Living in Pennsylvania, I have often travelled to NY.  Which means, I also know how much I definitely didn’t want to drive my car in city traffic.  Some of my colleagues and I decided to take the train into the city and then a taxi from Penn Station to our hotel in Brooklyn.  That ended up being the best idea.  This allowed us to work on the train on the 3+ hour trip which meant we kept up to date with work instead of being half a day behind.  I highly recommend travel by train, honestly even if it’s not for work, it takes so much stress out of travel and allows you to relax and enjoy the scenery while on your way to your destination.  Not to mention it’s so much cheaper than travel by car (if you include the wear & tear on your vehicle including gas) or air travel!  My roundtrip ticket to NYC was less than $100!

We were starving by the time we arrived to the hotel so we quickly checked into our rooms and went out to Shake Shack for bite to eat.  It may have been the busiest restaurant I have been too, but we didn’t want to wait for more than 5-10 minutes to get our food and find a seat.  I loved the funky vibe of the place with it’s wooden tables with burger carved into them, steel legged chairs and local artwork.

That night was the welcome dinner.  The company rented out “Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar” which had the most amazing food.  The guac I can attest to, tasted exactly like the guac from Mexico a few years back when my friends & I went on a girls trip to Cancun.  From food to atmosphere, it was a great pick for the welcome dinner.

The next day started with breakfast at the hotel and then a long day of meetings.  But the long day of meetings was rewarded with the annual Awards Dinner Gala that night.  You know I love a good excuse to get dressed up!! I rented a couple different dresses from Rent The Runway, the beautiful navy DVF lace dress won out in the end.  Sorry the pictures don’t really do justice to the color, but it was beautiful and super comfy!

Thursday was a morning of meetings and then in the afternoon we went out to explore Brooklyn a bit.  We stopped at The Bareburger which had the most amazingly mouthwatering food.  If you have never been to Bareburger, GO NOW!  They serve fresh, organic, and locally sourced food.  I had the “La Havana” which is brisket, beer braised bacon, aged cheddar, spicy pickles, mayo and mustard on 8 grain toast.  Hands down, best sandwich I’ve had in years.  On our way back from lunch we did some shopping and of course stopped by Shake Shack again for another milkshake before we went back for another meeting & guest speaker.

After our meeting & guest speaker we hurried up to our rooms to get our costumes together because it was our last night big final event, an 80’s style party!  After we pulled outfits together for everyone in our group, we went down to get on the buses to take us to the undisclosed final event location.  We had no idea where we were going and when we started to go passed a bunch of what looked like abandoned buildings and saw security officers at some of the corners, a bit more confusion set in.  But then we turned the corner and it was the most amazing entrance… a glass front old warehouse building in the Navy Yard with a ton of flashing laser lights going on inside just super exciting, I couldn’t wait to see the inside!

Walking into the building things just got even more amazing, not only was there a DJ playing 80s/90s music with some more recent songs thrown in, but there was a large bar in the middle of the room (I drank club soda w/ lime the entire night), with sectioned off tables and chairs, and what may be my most favorite part was instead of buffet style food or served meals, we had… FOOD TRUCKS!!  Yes that’s right 6 amazing food trucks were there all night, sadly I do not remember the name of all of them, but I can say my favorite was the Korilla BBQ truck!  There were also trucks for Crepes, Empanadas, Mac & Cheese, Lobster Rolls, and Waffles!  All around the event space on each table was a centerpiece made of cassette tapes and filled with 80s era candy.  My favorite 80s era candy is definitely PEZ and I definitely came back to the hotel with a handful of it 🙂   The night continued with great music and event breakdancing.

The next day was another blur, up early and at the train station by 9 for our train at 9:30am, then another 3+ hours back to work + an hour drive home.  Thankfully everyone else was leaving the hotel around 11am which meant not very many emails to check on the way home.  I got to instead catch up on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I missed while at the 80’s party the previous night.

Hope y’all have had a great week and are starting to get some of this warmer weather we seem to be experiencing on the east coast!

                                                               xox, Marie

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