It’s that time of year again…everyone is hitting the slopes!  I keep scrolling my IG feed seeing everyone’s beautiful picturesque snowy mountains and wishing we were getting that kind of snow here in PA.  It is fairly unusual for us in the northeast to not at least have enough snow to cover the ground for a few days especially this late in January.  I’m still holding out hope for a nice big snow in February, but I guess we’ll see.

Seeing all the pictures people are posting from their snowy vacations and from Sundance Film Festival got me thinking about all the things I love about the cold weather…which of course is mainly the clothing!  I love finding unique items (hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, etc.) to wear for the season but I also like pairing them with more traditional items (snow jackets & pants, etc.).  The one thing I always find difficult in finding snow clothing that doesn’t make me look 10x’s larger than I am just to keep me warm.  Nowadays with advancements that have been made it is MUCH easier to find cute snowsuit pieces.


I am a HUGE fan of winter accessories, so it was hard for me to narrow down to only two knit hats as my top picks.  However I went with one practical and one fun and funky.  Along the same lines as the fun and funky heart knit hat is the skier sweater; just something fun that you could get away with wearing anywhere there is snow.  The remainder of my pics are practical pieces for hitting the slopes; from goggles to ski pants to ski jackets and even a formfitting ski suit if you are feeling adventurous.

The first beanie is a maroon knit hat from Burton (one of my go-to brands for winter wear!).  You can find it here in a variety of colors. The second beanie is a fun color & print combo by L.A.M.B. x Burton which you can find here.

This colorful skier sweater can be found here on TipsyElves.  Again, not something I would wear all the time but I like to throw a little something fun in my wardrobe for winter and this 80’s style “Trick’s Magee” sweater does the trick!

It wasn’t until I started to snowboard (try to snowboard I should say…I’m much more of a skier)…that I found the need for goggles…or maybe it was just as I got older.  When I was younger I went skiing much more often with my family but I don’t recall wearing goggles.  I highly recommend having them though if you are going to be out on the slopes for a long period of time, especially when its snowing or the sun is shining bright! You can find these snow goggles by Oakley here.

Marmot makes excellent gear for the winter.  This black Sugar Loaf Component coat is great for layering because it is a lot of removable parts so you can customize the coat to fit your needs.  Check our Marmot’s site here for this coat in black and a variety of other colors.

Winter jackets are not something I typically purchase every year so I justify spending a bit more on them than I do other pieces in my wardrobe.  I tend to go with a more traditional look when it comes to winter coats; sticking with grey, white, or black, mainly because I get the most wear out of them compared to brighter colored coats.   I am absolutely in love with this white North Face Lucia Hybrid Down Jacket, you can find it here at Nordstrom.

They also make excellent snow pants which you can find here…and here!


Lastly if you are looking for something that is formfitting and gorgeous, check out this snowsuit by Cordova ( “The Montana” in all black).  I have not worn it myself but have been in love with it ever since seeing it pop up everywhere this winter! If you have the $$$ to spend, check this and other styles here.

What are some of your favorite pieces of wear for the winter?  Do you have any go-to brands?

                                                                                             xox, Marie

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