Sophia is just about everywhere and getting into everything these days.

She now can crawl, walk, run and is currently working on learning to jump.  It’s so amazing to see how far she has come in such a short amount of time.  This time last year she was only crawling and sitting up on her own. It wasn’t until closer to her 1st birthday that she even started trying to walk holding onto things. Her vocabulary has increased a lot too…instead of just a few words like “mama”, “dada”, “cat”, and “uh-oh” she can now say more than two dozen words!  I would love to take the credit for all of it, but I know that her being in daycare/school for the last 9 months has a lot to do with it.  She also has learned to say “sorry” in the correct format.  If she hits (which thankfully is few and far between) we tell her that hitting is not nice and she has to be gentle, and then she will rub your arm and say “sorry”.  And probably the biggest change since we hit the 18 month mark is the fact that she is now almost 100% POTTY TRAINED!!  I know it sounds crazy for an 18 month old to be potty trained since it typically doesn’t happen until after kids are 2 years old… but she showed an interested a few weeks ago, we purchased a potty for her, and ever since she has been asking to go whenever she needs to.


Watching her learn and grow has been surreal.  Interactions with her are no longer mainly one-sided, she now actively engages in play and conversation (as much conversation as roughly her two dozen words can be).  She is very curious about things so she is constantly trying to make sense of things that are new to her which is just adorable and heart warming to watch.   She is just so independent.


Food: If she gets hungry she will go over to the pantry and pull out a box of snacks and bring them over to us saying “please” (which sounds more like “pwease” still).  She is very vocal in what she wants, if she doesn’t want to go over and get something but knows what she wants she will say “cracker” or “cheese” or “cup”, etc.  This makes life so much easier because she is now beginning to be able to tell us exactly what she wants, much less guessing than we had to do in the past.  She eats all sorts of things now too, fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, etc.  Fruits & veggies are her favorites right now.  I also can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to give her a pouch while we are out and about running errands and not fear that she is just going to squeeze it all over herself and everything else.  Just a reminder to anyone running errands, you know how you stop by Starbucks to get coffee, well remember if your little one likes pouches they actually have them at Starbucks (you can even order them through the drive-thru).  Sophia absolutely loves them!  We have also switched from children plastic utensils to children metal utensils which has been great in allowing her more capabilities to eat meals by herself with minimal help from us.

Sleep: We have been lucky in that Sophia had started sleeping through the night (at least 6+ hours) from about 2-3 months of age.  While teething and the occasional cold have caused breaks in our peaceful nights sleep, for the most part she is still sleeping 10-11 hours each night uninterrupted.   I will say there was a period of time a couple months ago that latest about 5 weeks where she would get up at night sometimes numerous times and it was hard to get her to go back to sleep.  We think it might have been night terrors b/c if we would rub her back or arm and whisper to her she would seem to snap out of her crying and calm instantly. Poor thing, that was the worst thing to go through but luckily it seems that phase has ended thankfully!

Clothing:  Sophia is currently in 18-24 month clothing depending on the brand and type of clothing.  We do have some pajamas that are 24 month and 2T because her 18 month pajamas she was growing out of and also I think they started to shrink a bit with our learning how different our new dryer is vs our old one.  She also is now in a size 5.5 – 6 shoe.

Height & Weight:  33 inches and 26 lbs.  I believe thats the higher end of average for her age…which she has been trending towards since birth.  I’m a bit tall for a girl at just under 5’8″ and Kyle is over 6′ so Sophia being on the higher end of average is no surprise to us!

Diapers: Sophia is still in diapers (size 4).  We like to use Pamper’s Baby Dry for her at night, they just honestly seem to be the ones that work best for night time for us.  We use Pampers Swaddlers, Huggies Pul-Ups, Luvs or Honest Company diapers for her during the day.  It really just depends what we have on hand.  Reason for so many different types is because my mom gets great deals on diapers so we get what we can when she finds good deals.  I must say that I wasn’t a huge fan of the Huggies Pull-Ups at first because they seem to fit funny compared to the other diapers, but they are extremely convenient now that Sophia has started potty training.  As I mentioned before, she  showed an interest in the potty a few weeks ago, we purchased Fisher Price Learn-To-Flush potty on Amazon and started to use it the very next day.  By the end of day 3 she was starting to tell us when she needed to use the potty and just yesterday only had one wet diaper which was during a long car trip.  Other than that she told us when she needed to go and made it to the potty each time without having a dirty/wet diaper! HUGE success!!

Likes: Sophia really loves music and anytime it is on she is dancing around and “singing”.  It is the most adorable thing to watch.  She also is trying now to somersault on her foam mats.  I can’t wait until she turns 2 and we can enroll her in gymnastics/ tumbling classes.  We got her a play stroller for Christmas and she loves pushing her favorite bunny (aptly named Clover), and her new Madeline doll around the house in it.  She is getting really good at the toddler game where you place the little shaped blocks into a container through shaped holes (square, triangle, star, circle, etc.).  She LOVES books, I think she would sit all day and look through and “read” books if she could.  Let’s hope this love of books continues through her schooling!

Postpartum:  I had been losing weight (about 10-15lbs) since Sophia was born, but unfortunately after going back to work I began to struggle to find time to workout without being so completely exhausted that I literally would hit my alarm 5, 6, 7x’s before I could drag myself out of bed in the morning.  So I had stopped the whole planned workout thing and just started being more active chasing after Sophia and that had started to work and then the holidays hit and all the traveling and plans and my eating habits went down the drain… Now that it is the new year I am trying to slowly get myself back on track but I’m not going to lie it has been hard; especially battling a terrible cold for the last 2 weeks that I am FINALLY getting over just this week.   One thing that I know is going to help me with my fitness goals is that my office has started to have cardio classes available two times a week.  They alternate each class from Zumba, to “Pound” to Kickboxing.  While I have done a couple Zumba classes before the holidays I have not made it back just yet due to the cold (anytime I would exert energy even walking up stairs I would go into a terrible coughing fit)…but now that I seem to be doing better, I am going to attempt my first workout class in the New Year tomorrow!  Hoping to continue to drop some pant sizes with the help of these classes.  Also move from the YMCA at a neighboring city (~20mins away or longer with traffic) to the YWCA nearer to our home (~5-10min drive with traffic) in hopes that we will be able to make better use of our membership and workout together as a family (thankfully they have childcare while we workout so Sophia can play with friends and we can workout).

I will probably try to continue to give updates every few months.  I really wish I would have started to post when I was home on maternity leave, it would have been a nice way to see and reflect on how much she has changed since she was born.

                                                                     xox, Marie

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