This past weekend Kyle’s parents came to visit and while they were here we took advantage of the extra childcare to start taking down all of our Christmas decorations.  I am a bit sad now that the decorations are down, the house feels a little empty without the soft glow of lights all over the house.  I am happy though to move my focus from preparing for the holidays to planning some great trips for 2017!!

Last year I was lucky enough to go on two “big” vacations.  The first was a family trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Myrtle Beach is a place that both of our families would visit annually since we were children so it holds a special place in our hearts.  It made us so incredibly happy to be able to surprise our families at Christmastime with a note that said we were paying for everyone to come with us to Myrtle Beach in the summer for Sophia’s first vacation!  It was an absolute amazing trip and we were so happy to be able to share Soph’s first vacation/first trip to the beach with both our families.  If you are looking for a great place to stay in Myrtle Beach area, I cannot recommend Kingston Plantation enough, we never stay anywhere else, this place has it all!

In addition to a family vacation I was able to also go on a great girlfriends trip to California!  I had never been on the west coast before (furthest I had travelled was Colorado) so I was super excited to finally make the trip out west.  My friend Andrea had moved out to California a little less than a year prior from Missouri, and my living in PA means I hadn’t seen her in forever!  My friend Tamela and I had told Andrea we were going to visit and we quickly started to plan the trip.  Behind the scenes we had been in touch with her hubby to surprise her and arrive a day early.  Unfortunately by the time the trip came around we had to breakdown and tell her we were coming early because they actually were in the process of moving back to the mid-west.  Funny enough they were actually moving the weekend we arrived but luckily we were able to see them for a bit before they had to make the trip back.  After visiting LA for a few more days we made the ~6hour drive to San Fransisco to visit another friend, Stacey.  We only had one full day in SF, but it was great getting to see Stacey who we hadn’t seen in even longer!

After the trip to California we made the decision that we would try to do a couples trip in California in 2017.  So now that the holidays are over and things have settled down a bit I am SUPER excited to be able to start plan this and other trips for 2017!   Our couples trip will most definitely be in California, Los Angeles & San Fransisco.  We used AirBnb for our stay in LA and our host Carlos was amazing.  I am definitely looking to utilize one of his properties again.  While in SF we stayed at Stacey’s; however now that we will have quite a few more people on our trip, we will be looking for a bigger place to rent.  Any suggestions on things to do in LA/SF please let me know!!

In addition to the couples trip to California; we are planning to visit Williamsburg, VA (Colonial Williamsburg & Busch Gardens), as well as seeing NYC at Christmas time! I am also looking for another family friendly vacation destination if anyone has any suggestions.  We would be looking to do maybe a long weekend somewhere.

Are you planning any exciting vacations for this year?  Where to?!

                                                                                              xox, Marie

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