So sorry for the break from posting; unfortunately I got sick just before the holidays and while I started to feel better, Christmas day I actually got worse and still trying to recover.  So that combined with chasing after a toddler, I’ve been passing out early every night.  Now that I am starting feel better, I am excited to start writing posts about the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a little more than a month away, but that means there is plenty of time to pre-plan for the special day!  Here is a little inspiration in case you need to provide some “hints” to that special someone…


Handbag: Kate Spade (via Nordstrom) | Chocolates: Wilbur’s |Knit Hat: Kyi Kyi (via Nordstrom) | Earrings: Lafonn | Perfume: Chanel (via Nordstrom) | Toiletry Bag: Henri Bendel | Plane Tickets: Virgin America | Flowers: The Bouqs

The first is this beauty pink handbag by Kate Spade; I just can’t get enough!  Next is chocolates, because who doesn’t love getting chocolates on Valentine’s day?! Wilbur’s is a PA born company that does not disappoint!! If you aren’t local to their store, don’t worry, you can now order online!  This pale pink Kyi Kyi knit hat is one of my favorites for the cold weather we have been having.  Diamonds are a girls best friend, that’s why I chose these Lafonn pink/rose gold studs.  Perfume is always a great idea as well, try Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum for a little something fancier for a new year change.  If you are looking to get away for the holiday, you’ll need a great toiletry bag, try this adorable striped bag by Henri Bendel; it’s perfect for a weekend getaway.  Virgin America has some great deals going on right now, use the link above to check out deals in your area.  And guys, placing the boarding tickets in a toiletry bag is a great way to surprise your lady and tell her you’re taking her away for a mini vacay.  Lastly, what is more Valentine’s Day than flowers?!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Bouqs has amazing variety, check them out for your Valentine’s Day flowers!

                                                                                         xox, Marie

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