Just like home maintenance checklists are a good idea, so is making sure you have all the essentials you use in your home, like detergents, soaps, personal care products, etc.  With a hubby who works opposite schedule than mine most days and a toddler running around, we don’t have a lot of free time and when we do, we like to spend it on family activities, not shopping!  For that reason I have started to move towards purchasing home essentials online and having them delivered to the house.  I also have some of them scheduled to arrive at the same time on a monthly or bi-monthly basis so I don’t even need to remember to place the order, it just is automatically shipped!

Here are some of the different ways I have purchased/schedule purchases of home essentials online to make life just a little easier:


Honest Company
Honest Bundle

The variety of products The Honest Company has available now has grown tremendously since the first time I purchased their products online just under two years ago when I was pregnant with Sophia.  It is because of their now wide variety of items available that I decided to take the plunge and have customized essential bundles sent to me on a monthly basis.   Our bundle usually includes shampoo/body wash, bubble bath, diaper rash cream and baby wipes.  Though a lot of people swear by the diaper & wipe bundle, we just have not had a use for it.  My mom is extremely good at couponing and has always managed to get amazing deals on diapers, so we have not had the need to get a diaper & wipe bundle from Honest.  That does not mean we don’t like their wipes though.  We used to use a different brand of sensitive wipes but even those didn’t help when Sophia gets a rash.  The only thing that she will let us use when she had a rash were the Honest wipes and so we have started to phase out the other brand and stock up on the Honest wipes.  I cannot say enough great things about them, they are a great thickness which means they pick up more when you use them and we have found you don’t need quite as many to do the job.  The other nice thing about their essentials bundle is that you can customize it to your liking as continue to have the scheduled order ship as-is, or you can change up what comes in your bundle each month (example: if you want to try different scents).   You can always change the frequency of when you get your bundles and change the date of bundles if you find the original date you picked doesn’t work for you.  Another plus is you can save 25% on up to 3 add-on items, which we use when we add on 4-pack wipes to our bundles!

You can get your free trial of The Honest Company, here!


If you think The Honest Company has a great variety, you will be completely overwhelmed by the variety offered by Amazon Subscribe & Save.  As Amazon is known for, you can basically purchase anything you need from a store, online from Amazon.  Subscribe & Save goes one step further to allow the same type of prescheduled deliveries The Honest Company has, allowing you to build your bundles and choose your frequency.  I would caution however to check pricing, I have found that some items are a bit more expensive on Amazon, but remember they do have coupons on their site and you need to weigh the fact that you don’t need to gather up your family or find someone to watch the kids and go out to shop for the items yourself.  So for some things I decided to use Subscribe & Save, especially are cold & flu season.  For example we get the Vicks tabs for Sophia’s humidifier, I get my Venus razor blade refills, as well as Aveeno Baby Eczema lotion.  You can add and delete things as often as you like, but remember the more items you subscribe for the more you save.  As in true Amazon style, S&S ships free!

I know you may have also noticed Amazon has “Prime Pantry”.  This is different than Subscribe & Save.  Prime Pantry is a one time order which you pay $5.99 flat rate shipping cost.  Prime Pantry does have a variety of options as well as some very good coupons, but again its a one time order as opposed to S&S which is a preschedule continual automatic shipment.  For that reason I lean towards using S&S instead of Pantry.


While I have not yet personally used Amazon’s “Dash” buttons yet, it is something I have been looking into.  I like the idea of if I am in a room in my house and quickly remember I need an item, I just have to push a button and a signal will be sent and the item is ordered and shipped to me, nothing else required. If you are interested in trying it out, you can read more about the process here.  The photos above are just some examples of buttons available, for a complete list of all brands with Dash buttons check here.

I’m all about making life a little easier and being able to spend more time with my family.  I hope you find these options useful for you and your family as well!

                                                                                        xox, Marie

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