The New Year is a great opportunity to start fresh, set goals and get excited for what’s to come.  One simple and easy goal you can set is to go through your makeup.  I am guilty of hoarding the hundreds of samples I get in the mail or as gifts with purchase, even if I have every intention of trying them they end up sitting in a catch-all makeup drawer and I end up forgetting about them.  Even if it’s not samples, you should at least go through your makeup collection a couple times a year to make sure everything is fresh & clean.

I typically will take the New Year and then maybe again at the beginning of summer and beginning of fall to go through my collection and purge.  I like to pull out all my makeup and go through it so everything I have is fresh and clean.  I sort everything into 4 piles:

Pile 1. have never used it
Pile 2. have used once
Pile 3. use occasionally
Pile 4. use frequently

It is from these 4 piles that I will then create 2 piles: keep & give away.  You’re probably thinking, what about the stuff that you want to toss, isn’t that a pile? Nope! I set the trash can right next to me and that pile is the trash can.  That way I have no opportunity to sit it somewhere say I’ll go through it again or I’ll throw this out later and it ends up sitting around for another few days, weeks…

After I have sorted everything into piles I then go through those piles.  If I have never used the item, when did I get it…if its been longer than 3 months chances are realistically I will never use it, and so I then determine if I can give it away to a friend who might use it or if it should be tossed (depending on what type of item it is / average shelf life of the item unopened).  If its been less than 3 months that I’ve had the item, I look to upcoming months to determine if I think I will use it or not.  If I think I will then I make a new “keep” pile.  If I don’t think I will use the item in the next few months but the item is still good (never opened) I add it to the “give away” pile.

Next I go through the “have used once” pile.  This one is easiest to go through, depending on shelf life of the item after it has been opened I will either toss the item or add to keep pile. If I add to the keep pile and never end up using the item, it will end up in the “have used once” pile again and next time I go through my makeup it will end up getting tossed.

My “use occasionally” pile is the hardest for me to go through.  This is because these are items that I may really like but don’t always have the opportunity to use because they may be occasion specific like things that are for when I require a bit more coverage or that I use certain times of the year with the changes to my skin due to the weather (ex. powder foundation in the warmer months vs liquid/cream I use other times of the year). It is here I go through my collection and determine the shelf life of the item and if I won’t end up using it before the shelf life after the item has been opened is up, I toss it.  If I think there is the possibility of using it, I will keep it around (keep pile) and it will get tossed next time I go through my collection.

My “use frequently” is by far the easiest pile to go through, these are my go-to items, the ones I use almost daily if not everyday.  They are staples in my collection and end up being almost 100% in my keep pile.  The only thing that would cause me to toss something from my use frequently pile would be if the shelf life of the item after opened has come up.

After all of that I will have two piles, keep and give away.  The keep pile gets put back on my vanity and in my makeup drawers and the give away pile I will take pictures of and ask if any friends want the items.

I always like to keep 2 of everything from my “use frequently” pile; this way I will always have a backup if I run out.  I only just started doing this in the last year because with having a little one I have found it is a lot harder to run out last minute to the store to pick up a few things; especially when you don’t live locally to the stores that carry the items and you have a bit of a drive to get there.  So nowadays I look for when stores are doing sales on makeup and stock up on essentials like primer, foundation, concealer, mascara and eyeliner.

When going through your collection it might also be a great time to look at your makeup brushes.  It is something that I think gets overlooked a lot, but having clean brushes is essential to keeping your skin clear & allowing the brushes to work properly.  I don’t wear a ton of makeup and therefore don’t use a ton of brushes so I will do a good thorough cleaning of my brushes at least every 4-5 weeks using my Sigma Beauty Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat.  In between thorough cleanings I like to use a spray brush cleaner for my brushes.  I just spray the brush a few times after use and then twirl the excess makeup off on a paper towel.  I have used a few different spray brush cleansers before, but by far my favorite is the IT Brushes for ULTA Brush Bath Purifying Brush Cleaner.

Don’t forget that samples & gifts with purchase are never a bad thing.  In fact, they can be great if you are looking to try a new product.  This is another great way to look for deals when restocking your makeup collection…look for stores having deals where they provide gift with purchase of something you have been wanting to try.  This saves you from spending the money on an item you are not sure if you will like or not.  And if you end up liking it, you have a new product you can purchase, and if you don’t, remember it will end up in one of your 4 piles when you renew your makeup collection!

Don’t know the shelf life of makeup? Check out this article from Good Housekeeping for the answers!

                                                                             xox, Marie

Hoola Bronzer: Benefit 
Photo Finish Primer: Smashbox
Brush Bath: IT Brushes for ULTA
Kabuki Brush: Proface (Amazon)
BB Cream: Maybelline
Blush: Bare Minerals
HD Concealer: NYX
Cheek & Lip Tint: Benefit
Highlight Concealer: Maybelline
Eyeliner: Cover Girl
Eye Shadow Palette: Urban Decay
Mascara: Clinique
Brow Pencil: Anastasia Beverly Hills
Brush Cleaning Mat: Sigma Beauty

Don’t forget to check out my other posts & comment on what you would like to see more of!

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