Now that Christmas is over everyone starts to look forward to the New Year.  With thoughts of the New Year come New Year resolutions and the idea of being able to start fresh.  I’ve always loved the idea of NYR but I undoubtedly never am able to follow through with most of the resolutions I choose.  For that reason I have been starting to pare back my resolutions.  Instead of making a bunch of resolutions I choose one or two to focus on.  For example, I made the resolution to treat my skin better.  It always seemed trivial to me, but after having Sophia and my skin going crazy, I found it very important to find something that worked well for me so I didn’t have to spend as much time on makeup (but taking a few extra minutes on your skin actually makes a lot of other aspects of my get-ready routine a lot quicker.  For example, I have less time I need to spend on concealer because I am taking care of my skin.  No matter your age its always a good idea to get yourself into good skincare routine.  Ideally an AM & PM routine.

My morning skincare routine includes Cetaphil’s Foaming Face Wash (always start with a face wash that leaves your skin feeling great and not overly dry), Michael Todd’s Organic Lemon Toner (I can’t stress enough how much I L.O.V.E this stuff!) and Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (a great moisturizer is key!) and Vaseline (simple affordable way to keep my lips from cracking).  After I have prepped my face I let the moisturizing gel sink into my skin and then I move on to my makeup routine.  As you can see from the above my morning skincare routine is fairly simple, nothing over the top, but I think adding the facial toner makes a world of difference in balancing my skin especially in my “T-zone” where I tend to have a bit more oil.

If you want to check out my PM skincare routine, go to the Beauty section of my blog.  One thing I will add is that if I have a breakout or feel one coming on, I will add to my PM skincare routine Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion.  This stuff is AMAZING at taking care of breakouts overnight, or even in a few hours if I am lounging around the house without the need for makeup I’ll throw it on here or there if I feel a breakout coming on.

One last thing I would suggest is a good eye cream.  To be honest I haven’t found one I am in love with yet, but with the rave review that YouTube’s Rachel Weiland has given the product, I think I’m going to have to breakdown and try out Rodan + Fields eye cream.  Have any of you tried it before, did you have the same great experience that Rachel did? Let me know!

No matter your age, no matter your skin type, a good skincare routine is a great resolution to make; your skin will thank you and looking back at yourself in a few years you’ll be glad you started a skincare regimen when you did!

                                                                           xox, Marie

Rachel Weiland – YouTube 
Eye Cream – Rodan+Field
Acne Drying Lotion – Mario Badescu 
Face Lotion – Clinique
Face Wash – Cetaphil 
Face Toner – Michael Todd 
Lip Moisturizer – Vaseline

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