Christmas is over already, can you believe it?! It’s a bit depressing that the holiday is over, but don’t be sad, grab those gift cards & cash that are burning a hole in your pocket and go find yourself some after Christmas deals!

To be honest this is why I never scoff at getting gift cards or cash as gifts.  It always allows me to get what I want/need and I get to take advantage of the after Christmas deals that are going on. For example right now if you go to Jcrew.com or into any J.Crew store, you can get an additional 50% off plus online you can also get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150 (or $5 flat rate), just use code THEBEST.  But hurry because this deal is only good for 24 hours!

Nordstrom also has some great deals going on at their Half Yearly Sale where you can get up to 50% through January 2nd!  Just click on over to Nordstrom.com and check out all the amazing deals they have going on, you are bound to find something you love.  Here are two handbags I’ve been eyeing that are now on sale! The green one is Kate Spade, found here.  The light oak/ spark gold is Tory Burch, found here.


If you are looking for deals on items for your home you should check out Pottery Barn.  Right now they are running their Winter Warehouse Clearance Sale where you can get items up to 70% off!  It really is a great time of year to search for holiday decor for next year; I’ve already started to stock up!  I made the decision this year to go through ALL of our tree ornaments and divide them up.  See, we have so many, we never get around to putting them all on the tree, and year after year the same ones are left off.  This year we finally went through the boxes and boxes of ornaments and got rid of the ones we didn’t want, and the remainder I divided up into themed boxes.  What I mean by this is, I decided instead of putting all of our ornaments on the tree each year, I would breakup the ornaments into different boxes based on a theme I want for the tree.  For example, we have a ton of gold, silver, pink and glitter ornaments, also a ton of Disney themed ornaments (Kyle’s parents get us a new one every year for Christmas), we also have quite a few sports themed and woodland/rustic themed ornaments.  Since all of the ornaments we have don’t really go together, I broke them up into theme boxes.  One box of all glittery and shimmery ornaments so we can do a pretty gold/silver/pink/glitter tree one year, another box has all of our woodland/rustic ornaments along with solid red balls which we will use to do a rustic theme tree one year, another with Disney themed ornaments which we will use to do a Disney theme tree another year, next year in fact.  Right now on PotteryBarn.com you can get amazing deals on discounted holiday decor, for example you can get these beautiful glass ornaments for more than 50% off right now!


Another favorite after Christmas sale of mine is going on a Williams Sonoma.  Their Winter Clearance Sale is up to 75% off cookware, cutlery, electrics & more! I found this adorable Christmas sack on sale.  I love the idea of these Santa sacks, it really saved us this year when we got Sophia a toy stroller for her dolls.  I’m good at wrapping gifts, but with so much going on, it was nice to be able to stick that one in a Santa sack and call it a day.

These are just a few of the amazing after Christmas deals going on.  Be sure to go online and check out your favorite stores to see what other deals are out there, just remember to check soon if there is something particular you are looking for because things are going quickly!

Hope you all had a great Christmas & that you have a happy & heathy New Year!

                                                                           xox, Marie

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