Candle: Homesick Candles * USB: IdeaWorks * Memory Book: New York Times 

* Kids Travel Kit: Little Passports * Flowers: The Bouqs * Comfort Food: Spoonful of Comfort

Going into the holiday season I am always looking for gifts for everyone that are out of the ordinary.  Here are some of the unique gift ideas for the special ones in your life.  I went back and forth about the idea of ordering the Homesick Candle.  I loved the idea of the candle, chichis supposed to smell like your home state.  The reason I went back and forth about it was the cost, it seemed a bit high to me, however I was lucky to catch it during a sale.  I purchased one for my cousin who recently moved out of state and across the country for work…and hopefully she isn’t reading this before she gets her gift on Christmas eve haha.  The second item is a USB drive that contains 3,000 classic books.  I studied English in college and so books have a special place in my heart.  I think this 3,000 classic books USB drive is great for any book worm in your life who appreciates a good classic.

Another great gift idea I listed above is New York Times Anniversary Memory Book.  They have this in the form of Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, etc.  It is basically the front page of NYT every year on a specific date since the date you provide them.  I think its a neat keepsake especially if its from the date of someone’s birthday, to see all that has happened that was front page news on the date you were born since the year you were born.  The next item on the list is another thing I talked about in a previous post, flowers from The Bouqs because who doesn’t love flowers? They have the greatest selection of seasonal flowers & wreaths right now and there is still time to order & get them delivered before the holiday.  I think fresh flowers are a great addition to anyones home for the holidays, just a little extra punch of color to make you smile.

The next item is something I recently saw a commercial for, it is called “Little Passports”.  Being a huge lover of travel, the idea of sharing my love of travel with my daughter is a no-brainer. We of course plan to take her as many places as possible; but for some we are saving up to take those trips.  The Little Passports website starts their subscriptions with age 3; and so I think for this we will wait to introduce this particular item to Sophia next year, but for anyone with children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, etc ages 3 and older and I highly recommend looking into this program.  Kids are sponges, look for every opportunity to fill them with knowledge!

The last item on my list is from a company called “Spoonful of Comfort”.  This is a company I found when I was searching for a condolence gift a few years back, but I think its a great gift for anyone at any time of the year as well.  You simply pick a soup and cookie and pick where you want your delivery sent.  The recipient receives 64oz container of soup, 1/2 dozen bacci rolls, 1/2 dozen cookies, a ladle and a personalized note from you!  A great gift for anyone on your list!

If you don’t have time to shop, gift cards are always an option.  I know some people don’t like to give gift cards but I think the way in which you give the gift cards makes a difference.  A generic gift card which they can use to purchase anything I try to stray away from unless I’m giving it in addition to another gift.  Instead I try to make gift cards an experience so it at least seems a bit more personal.  For example, I would purchase a gift card for the movies and a restaurant and put in the card that the gift is for a couple’s next date night or coffee and book store and put in the card it is for someone to take the day and relax and curl up with coffee & a good book, etc.  Also remember there are many more options than what you see in the stores.  You can always go online or into your favorite store to purchase gift cards / gift certificates (restaurants, retail stores, spas, hotels/b&bs, ski resorts, etc.).

                                                                                            xox, Marie

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