As usual, even more so this year, I am behind in purchasing gifts for the holidays. We of course have almost everything we wanted to get for Sophia done, but I have purchased nothing so far for anyone else. Thank goodness for Amazon prime!!

My friends and I have what we call “no pants, dip party” every year in December. It is where we only wear pajama pants or leggings, no ‘real’ pants like jeans, we each bring a dip or food item, we exchange ridiculous Christmas gifts and have an old school sleepover.

This year unfortunately I got sick and was not able to make it. I was so bummed because it’s one of the few times we all get together sans kids and significant others and just hang out and relax. Luckily we are planning a spa day in January to make up for my missing the holiday get together this year!

As I mentioned we get each other ridiculous gifts; basically useful/practical but completely unnecessary.

For Heather, our resident book worm I got her a personal library kit. She is always renting books out but sometimes doesn’t get them back. This little kit is basically a personal library rental complete with cards to put return date on. Again practical but unnecessary haha. I got her a necklace that says “The Book Was Better” which she has uttered more than once after we have seen a movie adaptation of a book.  I also got a little lamb pot lift that clips on the side of your pots to help prevent them from over boiling.  Her daughter is in dance, and if you knew anything after Heather she is the opposite of a girly girl so she doesn’t fall in with the typical dance Mom crowd you’d see on something like Dance Moms. So I got her a “non-psycho dance Mom” tote. Doubt she would take it to dance but it’s funny nonetheless.  I purchased a game called “Mafia” which seemed interesting.  I also got her “Santa’s Little Help” stemless wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

Tote * Mafia Game * Personal Library Kit * Little Lamb * Necklace * Stemless Wine Glass * Wine 

As for Staci, she is our resident champagne connoisseur.  I got her a “Champagne Campaign” cap, an essential oils travel kit, “Joking Hazard” card game, “Sip Sip Hooray” stemless wine glasses, a bottle of Champagne, I also gave her one of the little lamb pot lifts like I gave to Heather.

 Oils * Hat * Card Game * Similar Stemless Wine Glass * Champagne

For Kristen I got a fun card game called “Utter Nonsense” where you have to speak in different accents which seemed fun.  I also got her the same essential oils travel kit as Staci, a pair of “Mrs & Mr” stemless wineglasses (a joke, as we all are pressuring when she and her boyfriend are going to get married), a large bottle of Sangria, and the last of the three little lamb pot lifts.  Another thing was a small coin purse (which I also got for Staci but forgot to mention above) as well as a little moonshine bottle which I got for all three girls.

Card Game * Coin Purse * Sangria * Stemless Wine Glasses * Moonshine * Oils 

I know they aren’t all ridiculous gifts, but I think its a healthy mix 🙂 Do you and your friends have your own holiday traditions?

                                                                                           xox, Marie

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