The last few days have been a blur of events.  It started with Sophia getting ear tubes put in on Thursday.  Ever since she started daycare back in the spring she continued to get ear infections every other month.  The decision to go through with the ear tubes was a hard one, but after months of on and off ear infections and antibiotics and a bunch of research and talking to friends & family who have been in the same situation, we finally met with the ENT doctor and decided to go ahead with the surgery.

This was the first time she was going under anesthesia and so even though we made the huge decision to go ahead with the procedure; we were still super nervous.  We arrived at the hospital at 6am and by 7:45am I was walking her back to the OR. About 10-15 minutes later the surgeon came out and told us the procedure was complete and everything was good and a few minutes later we walked back to meet her in the post-op room.  She was a little sleepy as the anesthesia was still wearing off; but after a few more minutes she was back to her old self; sitting on the bed eating goldfish and drinking apple juice.  Half hour later she was released and we were able to take her home to rest.


After we got home she slept for a few more hours and by the early afternoon she was up and her usual self again with one exception, she talked more than ever!  I had heard that when a child needs to get tubes in their ears, the way they hear things before the tubes is similar to hearing under water or placing your fingers in your ears and listening to someone speak; so I expected some difference in the way she talked and listened.  I did not except things to happen so quickly.  It was like right away she began talking more and pronouncing words better.  It was incredible.  It definitely eased our minds more about our decision to go through with the procedure.  Friday she was back at daycare playing with her friends as if nothing happened.

Saturday we had our friend’s Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party to go to and as usual with us lately, we waited until the last minute to find something to wear.  I found some holiday themed leggings and craft supplies at Wal-Mart.  Kyle and I opted to wear some old ugly Christmas sweaters we had from a few years back and I focused on creating an outfit for Sophia’s first ugly sweater party.  I used the craft supplies I purchased at Wal-Mart to deck out her sweatshirt and added some stars to a red tutu.  I know its an ugly sweater party, but she looked so adorable running around in her crazy outfit! The best part was watching her and the other little kids dance around to the music playing in the background.

Sunday we spent the day at home watching football and baking cookies.  With this little one being only a few months old last year I didn’t have an opportunity to bake, so I took advantage of Kyle being home to bake cookies.  I made a few dozen chocolate chip cookies,  peanut butter blossoms, regular peanut butter cookies, and sand-tarts.

I ended up sticking the sand-tart dough in the fridge with hopes to roll it out later this week to actually use my cookie cutters and decorate the cookies.  The chocolate chip cookies have gone fast already between home and taking some to parties, etc. so looks like next week I will probably bake more to give out to family when we meet for the holidays.  One thing I definitely recommend for any baking that requires vanilla is Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract; not sure why but everything just seems to taste so much better when I use this extract for my baking!


Hope you all had a great weekend!

                                                                                             xox, Marie

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