The hardest part of being a working mom, working outside of the home, is obviously being apart from my little one.  It does ease my mind knowing she is at daycare learning a lot and playing with her friends.

If I add being away from Sophia, the stress of driving in traffic to/from the office, and the uninspiring look of the office does little to stay motivated while in the office.  I decided that I would do a little office makeover and try to liven things up a bit.  I am planning to put up some photos of friends & family, framed art, and wall decals; in addition to a mirror to add some depth to the room and a comfy throw to keep me warm since I tend to run cold.  I’ve shared a few other things I’ve found that would be a great gift for any working mom.


As any working mom can probably attest, getting ready in the morning can be difficult when you need to get your little one ready too, especially when they possibly have not had the best night sleep, which means you probably didn’t either.  For days like those I always look for something quick & easy to throw on without looking like I just rolled out of bed.  Jeans and a comfy sweater, like the one here, tend to do the trick.  If I’m feeling like a need a little something extra I pair my outfit with a pair of pumps.

I don’t always get to do a lot of shopping, and even when I do, its typically online.  But really trying things on and going through the hassle of trying to return them ends up being more trouble than its worth.  I’ve recently discovered StitchFix which I am absolutely loving right now.  This gives you the feel of going into the store because you get to try things on and have a personal shopper but you are committed to nothing.  If you don’t like any of the picks, send them back with Stitch Fix’s easy (and free!) return policy.  If you do like the items, you already have them in your house, pay for them online & keep them.  Best part is you can choose how often you get boxes and let your stylist know about any particular type of items you are looking for (ex. dress for the holidays or new jeans for running errands, etc.).  I definitely recommend checking them out!  You can use the link here – they have options women & men!


Last thing I wanted to share was a flower delivery service I found out about last year called “The Bouqs“.  I live in pretty much the middle of nowhere so when it comes to getting fresh cut flowers, especially a variety, it is really difficult to find anything local.  My favorites right now are peonies, which I have not found locally despite numerous attempts.  This is why I love Bouqs; they have such a great variety!  I added this to my gifts for working mom gift guide because what mom doesn’t love getting flowers?!  You can get them delivered anywhere and you can get a one time delivery or have deliveries throughout the year, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even just on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

                                                                                   xox, Marie

Pink Leather Satchel – Nordstrom
Cashmere Scarf – Nordstrom
Glitter Slim Portable Charger – Nordstrom
Leather Card Holder – Anthropologie
Reed Diffuser – Yankee Candle 
Life Planner – Erin Condren
Monogram Mug – Anthropologie
Gloves – Target
Beauty Bag – PB Teen 
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse – Amazon
Sweater – Boden 
Black Flats – Tieks
Blank Pumps – Neiman Marcus  (similar pair here
Framed Art – Etsy
Gold Office Supplies – Amazon 
Clothing Subscription – Stitch Fix
Flower Subscription – The Bouqs

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