It’s amazing how much one year can make a difference.  Just last year Sophia was only around 5 months old, sitting in her Bumbo chair in front of the Christmas tree and this year she will be able to sit on her own and open her gifts by herself on Christmas morning, crazy! When compiling her Christmas list we took into consideration the fact that during the winer months in PA there is basically no going outside for any extended period of time, so we had to find something new and fun for her to do indoors.

^^^ 1. Melissa & Doug Food Groups  2. Melissa & Doug Grocery Cans  
3. Learning Resources Fruits & Veggies  4. You & Me Umbrella Doll Stroller
5. Melissa & Doug Christmas Slice & Bake Cookie Play Set 
6. Madeline’s Christmas Board Book 7. Madeline Board Book  
8. Madeline 16″ Soft Doll  (another version here9. Fisher Price Simmering Soup Pot

We decided now would be the perfect time to pull out the solid wood kitchen set I had from when I was a kid and set it up in the bonus room.  Sadly we didn’t have any of the toy food/grocery items, but thank goodness for Amazon Prime because in just 2 short days we had some new items for her to play with and some other fun things to add to her Christmas list to Santa!

                                                                            xox, Marie

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