Now that Sophia is getting older I have been looking for more opportunities/activities for us to do as a family.  While we do a good bit in the warmer months; as soon as it starts to get cold I feel like we stay indoors a lot and since Sophia was less than a year old last year at this time; we hadn’t even attempted to look for many activities for colder months.  This year I started to look for activities for us to do as a family to keep us active during these cold months.  We don’t live in a big city so there isn’t a ton going on most of the time; but we do live within an hour or two of quite a few large cities with plenty of entertainment.

Friday we decided to take the day off work for some family day holiday fun.  We first visited the Pennsylvania Christmas & Gift Show at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.  Those of you who know us well know that ever since we bought our home we have been slowly building our holiday decoration display both indoor & outdoor.  We figured the PA Christmas & Gift Show would be a great opportunity for us to find some more holiday decorations.   Sophia has a great time seeing all of the different decorations, clothing, toys, and crafts.  She especially loved all of the hustle and bustle of the crowd; cheesing it up smiling & waving to everyone who would look at her.  It was adorable.  However with all of the people around, we didn’t get a chance to take many photos.  We had a quick bite to eat there and then headed home so Sophia could nap before the nighttime festivities we had planned. 

Of course, with our luck lately, the little one decided to nap in the car on the drive home from the Christmas & Gift Show instead of napping when we were home.  Thankfully it ended up working in our favor because by the time we got home we had only about an hour before we had to venture out to make it to our trip for the nighttime festivities. 

Our Friday night activity was a surprise train ride!  Not just any train ride though, a “Santa Sing-a-long” train ride at Steam Into History in New Freedom.  She absolutely LOVED it!  From the moment we walked in the door and Mrs. Claus was there to greet us, to picking up the tickets at the ticket window, boarding the train, “singing” & clapping along to the songs and taking a photo with Santa , it was an amazing night.    I only wished I had remembered my camera before we boarded the train (I had left it in the car!).  But I think we got some descent photos on our phones.  Unfortunately the photo with Santa was completely blurred, guess that just means we will have to visit Santa locally next weekend! 

No matter where you live, I highly suggest looking for holiday themed train rides in your area.  All of the kids at were on our train loved it and Sophia liked it so much we decided to make it one of our holiday traditions.  We think perhaps next year we will try their Tannenbaum Christmas Tree Train which actually takes you to a Christmas tree farm to go cut your own tree!    What are some activities/traditions you like to do around the holidays?

                                                                  xox, Marie

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