Fall has been particularly warm in the northeast this year; but as we are fast approaching winter, less than a month away, and the cold weather has decided to stick around; I thought I would do a post on my PM skincare routine.


To be honest I never really gave much thought to having a skincare routine until I got pregnant and my skin went crazy.  I have always been blessed with fairly good skin with the occasional breakout.  That all changed when I got pregnant.  It was like all those years of not worrying about having a skincare routine caught up with me at my most vulnerable time.  I quickly searched for a skincare routine to help my crazy skin.  While nothing helped 100% during my pregnancy, there were some things that drastically helped.

The first thing I did was find a good facial cleanser.  I have always been a fan of foaming face washes; but you wouldn’t believe how different they all are.  I tried a few different foaming washes, even ones specifically noted for sensitive skin, all failed me miserably until I tried Cetalphil’s oil control foam wash.  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this cleanser.  It is the only one I have found in the last few years that truly does not dry out my skin after I am done washing my face.

Next, I decided to try a facial toner again.  In college I had tried using one from Clinique, but wasn’t a fan, and after that just stopped using toner altogether (big mistake!).  I follow Rachel Weiland on YouTube and noticed in one of her favorites & skincare routine videos that she talked about Michael Todd’s Organic Lemon facial toner.  If you watched Rachel’s channel at all you know she has sensitive skin and has gone through a lot of different product trials; so when she says she likes something, its probably worth a try.  I ordered it online at Ulta (not available in stores).  When it arrived it tried adding it to my skincare routine right after I wash & dry my face.  I poured some onto a cotton round and rubbed it all over my face.  I then let it sit for a minute or two to dry.  It really made all the difference.  Even now, a year after Sophia was born, I continue to keep this as part of my everyday skincare routine both in the AM & PM.

After my facial toner I go on to apply about 5-6 small drops of Tarte’s Maraca Oil.  I have an oily t-zone, and always thought people were crazy when they actually added oil to their face, but I was the one who was wrong.  Applying this oil to my face after my toner actually helps my skin from being overly oily and keeps it super smooth.  I only use this as part of my PM skincare routine though, not part of my AM routine which is less involved than my PM routine.

I then put 1-2 pumps of Clinque’s dramatically different moisturizing gel all other my face, and put some of StriVecin TL Advanced tightening neck cream (light) on my neck.  I have tried the regular (thicker) version of this neck cream as well.  They both work really well.  I prefer the texture of the light, but in the colder months I turn to the original cream vs the light.

Last thing I do is apply a dab of Vaseline on my lips to keep the moisturizer and avoid them from cracking.  I do this both with my AM & PM routine.  I turned to Vaseline instead of other lip balms because it just works great and is super affordable for the amount you need to use and how large the container is.

So, that’s my PM skincare routine!  What are some of your skincare favorites?

                             xox, Marie

Foaming Face Wash: Cetaphil
Maracuja Oil: Tarte
Organic Lemon Facial Toner: Michael Todd
Moisturizing Gel: Clinique
Neck Cream: StriVectin

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